From New President and CEO Dani Naveh

Moving the Israel Bonds Legacy Forward
By Dani Naveh

To the loyal and devoted supporters of Israel Bonds: I am excited to introduce myself as the organization’s new president and CEO.
Previously, I served as a minister and cabinet secretary in Israeli governments, as well as a member of the Knesset. In the private sector, my experience included key financial positions and business entrepreneurship. Now, I have the great privilege of strengthening the economy of the State of Israel through Israel Bonds.
I am a member of what I refer to as Israel’s middle generation, the generation born after the independence of the modern Jewish state. My parents – members of the first generation – survived the horrors of the Holocaust and came to Eretz Israel as refugees. My generation strove to carry Israel’s promise and potential forward. Today, that potential is fully realized through the dynamic Start-Up Nation, the technological superpower in which all of us take enormous pride.
Similarly, Israel Bonds also represents a ‘middle generation,’ taking inspiration from the founders of Israel and helping to turn a struggling state into a globally-admired nation with one of the world’s most resilient economies.
As I begin my new role with Israel Bonds, I would like to thank my predecessor, Israel Maimon, for his great contributions during his five years as president & CEO. I also look forward to a fruitful, collaborative relationship with all of you: Chairman of the U.S. and International Boards Howard L. Goldstein; members of the board and council; lay leaders; the management team and executive directors; dedicated employees; the worldwide network of investors; and, last but not least, Israel’s accountant general team in the Finance Ministry. Together, we will perpetuate the remarkable Israel Bonds success story.
A challenging year lies before us, as the world navigates through the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic and its ongoing implications for financial markets. It is precisely against this background that acquiring Israel bonds represents a significant means of standing with Israel, enhancing financial portfolios and supporting the causes most important to you through donations of Israel bonds.
During my government service, political leaders across the spectrum always knew they could count on Israel Bonds to secure the necessary funds to keep Israel’s economy strong. That unwavering confidence in Israel Bonds will remain steadfast, as all of us – founding generations, middle generations and young generations alike –unite as one in a concerted effort to ensure that the storied Bonds legacy continues.    
- Dani Naveh